Healthy food can be delightfully tasty and good nutrition plays a powerful role in preventing illness and recovering from it.

Dr Ian Gawler


Good nutrition plays a powerful role in preventing illness and recovering from it. Ian’s approach is to focus on what works nutritionally to support long lasting good health, as well as how to make eating healthy food easy and tasty, practical and enjoyable.

It is useful to listen to these CDs repeatedly – to both learn the information, and to help change unhelpful patterns of eating.



THE WELLNESS DIET – Eating Well, Being Well

This is an excellent way of eating for the average person. The Wellness Diet is highly anti-inflammatory and highly regenerative, so it is ideal for the prevention of chronic degenerative diseases and maximising our potential for wellbeing and vitality. It is a good starting point for those seeking healing and wanting a sound nutritional base. Plus it is really tasty, satisfying and enjoyable!

THE HEALING DIET – Eating for Recovery 

This approach is more thorough. Developed over 30 years of experience helping people affected by major illness (primarily cancer), The Healing Diet can be used as the nutritional basis for recovering from any of the chronic degenerative diseases.

PLEASE NOTE: It is recommended that if you are making major changes to your nutrition, particularly if you have a specific disease or circumstances, that you do seek suitable professional guidance. This is particularly important if you have had significant surgery to any part of the digestive tract.


Good food and regular meditation are natural partners. Ian recommends establishing a meditation practice before changing your dietary habits. Why so? Well, it is the mind that decides what you will eat and how much of it. But also the mind will decide what you drink and regulate your levels of exercise. Your mind and its attendant emotions have the potential to completely disrupt or enhance your digestion. Obviously when under stress, our eating habits can suffer. Many people eat to fill an emotional hole. Many eat out of habit, false beliefs, neurosis or food addiction. Most of us are heavily influenced by advertising and by what those we hold in authority, like our doctors, have to say on the subject. The aim we have here is to break free of destructive mind states regarding food and to eat for enjoyment and genuine good health. This is why we start with meditation. The calm and clear mind that meditation delivers will leave you confident to make good dietary choices, in the right state of mind to digest your food well, and confident to develop and sustain healthy eating habits. Happy meditating equals happy eating!

To visit the Meditation Recommendations, click here.



1. EATING WELL BEING WELL – The Gawler Wellness Diet

Good food is essential to our health and wellbeing. Here Ian explains how we can eat well – for all the family – in a way that is sustainable for the environment; that is tasty, satisfying and enjoyable. On this CD Ian outlines the key elements of the Gawler Wellness Diet – a way of eating that aims to prevent illness and to foster good health and wellbeing. The focus is upon good food yes; but even more, it is about enjoying, even delighting in the taste and satisfaction of a healthy way of eating.

Listen to this CD repeatedly, while cooking, while driving etc; so that we start to change the unconscious patterns of our choices and our eating habits.

2. EATING FOR RECOVERY – The Gawler Healing Diet

Are you confused? Seeking healing and not sure what to eat?

Ian Gawler recovered from cancer over 35 years ago. Food made a major contribution. Ian went on to become a pioneer in Mind-Body Medicine. Now he speaks with over 30 years of experience helping thousands of people using the Gawler Healing Diet. This audio recording is well informed by current research and delightfully practical. In it Ian clarifies:

  • the choices you need to consider
  • how to make informed decisions
  • the four principles of an anti-cancer diet
  • essential ingredients for the Healing Diet
  • how to detox and why bother?
  • anti-cancer foods to incorporate into every day
  • the place for juices and supplements
  • how to make your body “cancer-unfriendly”
  • the keys to enjoying eating well

Please Note: This audio recording builds upon the information on Ian’s audio recording ‘Eating Well, Being Well’, the audio recording that outlines the basic principles and elements of good nutrition. For those dealing with cancer, you need both recordings for completeness. Many who are healthy find the additional information on this recording really helpful in day-to-day life – especially those with a family history of cancer who are interested in prevention.


1. You Can Conquer Cancer.

This book is essential if you are interested in applying Ian’s way of eating – whether for Wellness or Recovery.

It has three large chapters on good food and healthy nutrition. The first explores the psychology of food and how we can break free of old habits and eat more healthily. Then there is a great deal of explanation. Ian is of the view that if we understand the principles, the details become more obvious and easier to follow. So he explains the impact of eating the wrong fats, the right amounts of protein, what the truth about soy and coconut oil really is, and so on and so on. Then there are tables with recommendations of how to use all the foods you may be thinking of eating, and advice around how to produce delicious, healthy meals everyone will enjoy!

2. Eat Well, Be Well – A great recipe book & guide to the practical application of healthy food.

This is the recipe book from the Gawler Foundation’s kitchens. If you want to learn how to produce easy, delicious, nutritious, balanced vegetarian meals with a minimum of fat, sugar and salt, this book is a great guide.

It contains 136 pages bursting with delicious recipes based on the healing wholefood plant-based diet taught in the Gawler Foundation retreats and programs. It is an essential guide to a healthier way of eating including juicing, food preparation tips and food storage advice. It makes a wonderful gift.