The Stillness Practices

Full title: “The Complete Stillness Practices from Blue Sky Mind”
Author: Dr. Ruth Gawler

  • Format: Digital Audio MP3
  • Running Time: Four tracks for approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes.
  • Catalogue Number: DIG-BSM1-RG

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These are the 4 key meditation practices recommended for your daily practice, narrated by Dr. Ruth Gawler

They are designed to support and guide you as you relax the body, calm the mind and progress via mindfulness into the profound stillness of deeper meditation.

Ideal for beginners or those seeking to deepen their meditation. These practices have also been used by many people seeking meditation’s therapeutic benefits for dealing with stress or major illness.

These are the meditation recordings to begin with and it is recommended that these exercises be used on a regular basis.

Dr. Ruth Gawler is a doctor with specialist training and lengthy experience in Mindbody Medicine. Her good heart translates into the gentle kindness of her voice – that is much loved and appreciated by many.

DIG-BSM1-RG contains 4 tracks:

1: The Direct Approach: 13:09mins

Starting with very simple and short relaxation and mindfulness techniques, this track may well guide you into a direct experience of stillness.

2: Mindfulness into Stillness: 18:23mins

This is the main practice recommended by Ruth and Ian. It includes somewhat more elaborate relaxation and mindfulness techniques, and then skillfully guides you past potentially distracting thoughts and emotions into the deeper stillness.

3: Relaxation into Stillness: 28:31mins

Based upon The Progressive Muscle Relaxation exercise, this track gives more deliberate attention to systematic and deep relaxation, and then uses mindfulness to enter into the stillness.

4: Mindfulness of Thoughts: 19:44mins

This practice has been revolutionary for many who have been stuck in their meditation, unable to move past the distractions of thoughts. Here you can learn how to work with your thoughts, and actually use them to experience the stillness and rest in deep meditation.


  1. The exercises that lead into the complete Mindfulness of Thoughts practice described above – as featured in the text of Blue Sky Mind – are available on the classic download and CD Meditation – Pure and Simple.


  1. A number of excellent exercises from the Classic Series are worthy of specific mention here as they build concentration and mindfulness. These tracks are available on the download or CD entitled Deepening Your Meditation. Also, one of these tracks is accompanied by very evocative Didgeridoo music.



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