Welcome to the official online store for critically acclaimed health and wellbeing audio downloads by Drs Ruth & Ian Gawler.

On this website, you have direct access to all the downloads that accompany Ian Gawler’s new book, Blue Sky Mind, as well as the 16 classic audio releases issued earlier throughout the careers of both Ian and Ruth Gawler.

These meditation digital downloads exist in 4 distinct categories – all listed below.

Scroll down to browse these selection and follow the links to learn more about the individual releases and how they can benefit you.

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Drs Ruth and Ian Gawler

Drs Ruth and Ian Gawler offer realistic hope through teaching and supporting the implementation of self-help techniques that are practical and evidence based and lead to inner peace and life extension.

Their collective work over many decades have resulted in the production of a catalogue of Audio releases which are available to purchase online directly from this site.

Buying audio downloads from this site is the most cost effective and economical method of purchasing this wonderful catalogue of recordings.

The Allevi8 App has been specifically designed to assist people affected by significant physical and mental health challenges. It features a range of tailored practices in Ian and Ruth’s voices plus other useful features.

Allevi8 is free to download and use and includes access to regular Monday group sessions over Zoom. You might consider “Paying it Forward”. There is also a one-to-one mentor program available.

Search and download Allevi8 from your App store or go to


You may be taking up meditation to manage stress or to heal physically or mentally, to find more peace and balance in your life, to be more efficient at work, to perform better at sport or to be a nicer person.

The Blue Sky Mind Meditation Range exists to provide guidance and enhanced learning for beginners through to experienced meditators.

This range of meditation downloads has been created in conjunction with Ian’s latest meditation book Blue Sky Mind. There are 3 compilations – the key meditation practices, a series of exercises to deepen relaxation of body and mind, and the guided imagery exercises.

Each track is available in a choice of Ian or Ruth Gawler’s voices, and each matches the text from the book.


The Classic Meditation Range is comprised of 7 unique titles that all preceded the Blue Sky Mind recordings.

Many continue to find them very useful, so they remain available. And be advised, some are quite similar to the Blue Sky Mind meditations.


Drs Ruth & Ian Gawler have been teaching and helping people with for over 30 years by what is best described as Lifestyle Medicine. Lifestyle Medicine is concerned with what you can do for yourself, how you live your life, what you eat and drink, your level of exercise and your emotional and mental health.

The common thread throughout the 5 releases within the healing range is the power of the mind and how energy, thoughts and visualisations are used to enhance life, particularly in times of healing.



Training our mind is dynamic, powerful and fun. It is challenging and transformative. Training our mind teaches how we can be free of negative or destructive states of mind. How we can develop the clarity of mind to make good decisions and use our mind constructively.

The 4 releases in the Gawler Wellbeing range are designed to give guidance to those who can imagine a happier world for themselves, with better health, more vitality and more success.

With guidance and training, you can enhance your ability to fulfil your potential when it comes to sport, business, relationships, healing and overall peace of mind.

You Can Conquer Cancer

Available exclusively through this site, Ian Gawler is proud to present the 'You Can Conquer Cancer' unabridged audiobook narrated by Bill Conn, in MP3 format.

This 8 part audiobook was primarily created for the vision impaired and those with print disabilities, though is now available, unrestricted, to all Ian Gawler webstore customers at the low price of only $19.95.

Originally published in 1984, You Can Conquer Cancer is a revolutionary book that has sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide and has been translated into fourteen languages.


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